So….I kinda have a crush on one of my own characters.  Is that wrong?  Probably.  Creepy?   Heck yes.   But he’s the misunderstood, ever-faithful, somewhat shy, very protective and extremely handsome hero from the first novel I ever finished, which is temporarily entitled Betrayal.  Can I be forgiven, since I wrote him exactly as I love?  [This one I don’t have on Figment because I am working on a rewrite and I am still trying to decide if I want the rest of the world to have copy-and-paste access to it, you know?]  But anyway.  His name is Aidan.

It took me a long time to pin down what Aidan looks like.  I always had him as tall, handsome, quiet, somewhat brooding, and dark-haired.  Beyond that, I really didn’t know.  I had a foggy half-image in the back of my head, but that was it.  For a while the closest I got was Logan Bartholomew from the Love’s Enduring Promise movies, or whatever they’re called.  This was never quite enough, though.  Besides, that character was a cowboy.  Not quite what I was going for…

Then one day I saw a picture of an actor and it hit me: that was Aidan!  The exact perfection of this connection scared me, and you’ll why see in a moment.  I tried to shake it off, tell myself that there was someone else who Aidan looked like, that this wasn’t it.  But unfortunately this image had hit the spot, and here you have it: to my everlasting chagrin I realized that Aidan looks a lot like Rob Pattinson. *facepalm*  [For the record, the reason this idea is so repulsive to me is that I abhor the Twilight franchise. *shudder*]

So here’s the picture.  Please know I am ashamed of myself.

If you read along when I was originally posting chapters of Betrayal, what did you picture Aidan like?

  • Jane

    Don’t worry, even if he does look sick as Edward, Rob Pattinson isn’t bad looking or anything, and I kind of think it fits. :/

  • I thought I was the only one I know that hates Twilight, but loves Rob Pattinson!! Golly, he is hottttt! Have you seen Water For Elephants yet???

  • No, I haven’t yet, because I don’t usually like movies / books about affairs. It looked beautifully done, though, and like it has a good cast! Is it good? And I knowwww. I hate Twilight, but….haha Rob himself is a different story. 🙂 You didn’t read Betrayal when it was on my blog, did you?

  • I didn’t know it was about an affair when I saw it, I was sucked in by the beautiful costumes and music, and the whole setting… it was very magical and ethereal! I loved it, it was a beautiful film, and some of the characters’ problems hit home with a few issues of my own. It was a lovely movie. =) I am dying to see it again.
    No, I didn’t. I would love to though! I’ve read as much as you have put on Figment. =]

  • Oh, cool! Well maybe I’ll check it out at some point. I was definitely intrigued by the whole setting, cinematography, and style. 🙂 I adore circus stuff. I’ve tried to write it, but…. hmm. Not so successful.