beauty & the beast is racist, knife-throwers, and the arabian desert. or, distractions.

I’m horribly lacking in self control when it comes to writing.  In the past month I’ve started so many new novels, it’s not even funny.

These include:

My SteamPunk-ish story Finding You, which some of you have read.

A post-Civil War retelling of Beauty & the Beast where the “beast” is a well-to-do black-guy in a super racist southern town and “belle” is a girl who is forced to get work taking care of his manor to save her family from destitution.

A fantastical tale of adventure about a slightly deformed young man who, fearful of people, decides to see the world and makes it his goal to go everywhere man has not (he ends up in a desert land modeled after the middle east (especially what I saw in Hidalgo and Lawrence of Arabia) where a fabled crazy land no one is allowed to cross is walled off…he decides to enter anyway, with the help of a young guide who is a girl who has to dress as a boy to get past the guards and all sorts of randomity).



A SteamPunk retelling of “Snow White” that involves gypsies and the circus and a knife-thrower who’s called the “prince” of his art.  (See what I did there?  He’s the “prince” in the story but not really a- oh, you got it? Okay.)

A tragedy about a girl with a bucket list that includes falling in love, and a young man whose “business” is selling dreams and making them come true.  The fellow, Cal, is based on Bobby Hicks down to the tattoos, gages and beanie.  So you know he’s fantastic. 😉  And there’s an extremely important scene at a carousel- hence the image.

A second draft of my original “baby”, “Betrayal”/”Treachery”.

And a romantic fantasy about a girl who can draw “memories” out of objects, like music out of the walls of a ballroom, etc.

My imagination (even though half of those aren’t even great) has been going madder than usual.  If that’s possible.  So I beg your forgiveness if my posting has been decreased or distracted or overwhelming in some ways and less than satisfactory in others.  I’ll shape up, I promise.

Also, as you can see, I even went about making “fake” covers for some of them. I just love making covers. It’s sad, a little.



  • Girl, I wish I had your skillz at making amazing covers. If I did, I would never stop making covers, and I would probably just sit and wallow in my awsomeness and never get anything done.

    So now I have a question. *Ahem* WHY ARE THESE NOT ON FIGMENT?! You make me sad. How dare you tease us with previews and then not let us see any of them! I resent you so much right now. Okay, I forgive you. But only because these sound like such epic ideas! You are the idea machine. I love the “In the Mirror” cover, and if I had to pick one… I think my favorite plot is either the girl who can draw memories out of inanimate objects (hecka cool, dude) or the one about the disfigured chap. 😀

  • Dude. Dude. Dude. Haha all of these sound amazing! Beauty and the Beast? Aweeessooome!! I love the ideas you have here! I know what you mean, about your mind going crazy with ideas. I have those phases all the time! Covers ARE so much fun to make! I can’t wait for all of these! Finding You has been soooo good so far! I’ve been trying to heart and comment on my iPhone, but I keep losing connection because I’m at school. 🙂 oh, and I’m very intrigued by the idea of the carousel one! You know I’m your biggest fan, right? I seriously love everything you write. <3

  • Oh my gosh, do you know how happy you girls make me? So very happy is the answer.
    Haha as far as why they’re not on Figment…well I feel like a loser when I have a billion stories posted, because I have such a tendency to be distracted and get very little done. So we’ll see. I hope to post them eventually, when I’m sure I’ve got enough to work with, too. 😉
    And Rachel it makes me soooo happy that you like Finding You (haha don’t worry about your phone)!!
    And yes, yes. Covers are the most fun thing to make ever. 😀 Sam, I sometimes do sit around and do just that. 😀

  • Kim

    All of these stories sound AMAZING *_* Honestly, I don’t know which one I’d love to read more. I’d be in serious trouble if I had to make a decision like that, haha.

    Still, I’m so glad that you decided to start sharing Finding You. I’m behind, as usual, with my reading, but I think your story is magnetic – I can’t wait to make the time to catch up 🙂

    Keep writing! 😀

  • Aww thank you Kim!! My word, your encouragement makes my day! 🙂 And I don’t know that any of those are going anywhere yet…they’re just brewing in my imagination for now, and on sticky notes on my mirror. 😉 I scrapped the pages I wrote into my “doomed” folder. 😉