esmeralda: the cast

Here they are, folks! [Most of] my cast!  I’ve had a few characters that only exist because I someone to shape them around [Leopold] and others that took me months to figure out what they looked like [Evy’s mother, the queen].  But here’s what I’ve come up with.

To see them better, view the image in a new tab; I had to make it a bit small so it would fit my theme. 😉

Going down each column, left to right:

Nicolai [Liam Neeson],

Roman [Chord Overstreet],

Natalia [Natalie Portman]

Leopold [Henry Cavill],

Evangeline [random image I found],

The Queen (Evy’s mother) [Femke Janssen]

Leopold (again) [Henry Cavill],

Evangeline (again) [Mischa Barton],

The King (Evy’s father) [William Fichtner]

Aron [Peter Facinelli],

Jakob [Daniel Craig]

Daria [Kate Micucci],

Yurik [Rupert Penry-Jones],

Ivan [Matt Bomer]

There you are!   Tatiana is not pictured here, as I’m still sorting out her exact appearance, and neither is the maid who gave Evy a hard time (and returns soon), who looks like Eve Myles, or Luka, who is based a little off of Sean Palmer in the original cast of the Broadway Little Mermaid.   I haven’t yet gotten Mikhail figured out either. :/ Let me know if these aren’t how you pictured the characters, if they are, or if you have any suggestions on changes!  Thanks!

p.s. I’m about to post two new chapters! Check them out!



  • Tiffany (J.A.)

    Oh my gosh, I love the large picture of Evangeline!!!

  • Isn’t it perfect? I saw that picture and honestly haven’t pictured her otherwise since. 😀

  • Ibelin

    Wow… I wasn’t picturing Jakob like James Bond at all. Interesting…

  • Haha wellll I hope it wasn’t a huge disappointment. :/ I picture him with more rusty-colored hair, though. Maybe an earring. I don’t know. It sounds weird when I describe it.

  • Reilly Shine

    Peter is so gorgeous in this photo. <3

  • Reilly Shine

    By the way, where did you make this site? 😀 Bye, now.

  • I know, right? haha
    I actually own the site, and then I downloaded the theme from wordpress elegant themes- it’s kind of a costly package, but my mom has an account with them and since the website was initially purchased under her hosting, I get to use the themes. WordPress has some really nice themes with their free blog service though, if you want a blog!