As you may know, in my latest novel-in-progress (Esmeralda) my heroine’s name is Evangeline.

I don’t know exactly what Evy is supposed to look like without a mask on, since I was partially inspired to write the story based off of the image above, but I recently fell in love with this picture of Mischa Barton, here:

I kinda think she’s perfect.

  • Jane

    Oh yes! Mischa Barton is perfect! That’s exactly what I pictured Evy like! At first for some reason I thought of her as being brown-haired, until you described her as blond, though.

  • Only COMPLETELY perfect! 🙂 She has that air and that look that’s so regal and stunning and full of fire and… well, she really just IS Evangeline through and through, isn’t she. By the way, I’ve always loved the cover photo for Esmeralda… it’s actually what drew me in in the first place, believe it or not! I loved how perfectly it described the story, like when you brought up the ball and described Evy’s mask, I was inwardly like *raises fist into the air and bangs head like a rockstar*.

  • Is it really what drew you in? Cool, I guess I’ve done that correctly then. 🙂 Haha I love the “rockstar” moment thing. 🙂 And yeah, I really didn’t know what Evy was supposed to look like outside of that cover picture until I found this picture. I’ve never even seen Mischa Barton in anything, but the picture just WAS Evy.

  • Yes! A face to go with the name, and a lovely one! =) She is just simple and easy on the eyes… she doesn’t really need any other adornments? Just lovely. =)

  • Alina Maira

    YES! She is absolutely perfect for Evangaline!

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