farewell, december.

happy new year to you all!

if you’re reading this, you’re probably a better person than I am, because I am the worst at keeping up with blogs.

I don’t mean to bore y’all, but I want to talk about 2013.

folks, it was a great year. it was the most exciting, maturing, stressful, crazy, spontaneous, expensive year of my life and I’m so grateful for it.

what happened? so, so much. here are my highlights:

my church. oh man, my church. I have a family of 300+ people that I couldn’t love more. they’ve welcomed me, taught me, comforted me, encouraged me, loved me. I’m so in love.

NaNoWriMo Finding You stats-Finding You = complete. until I start editing, of course. it took me a year and a half, but it’s my favorite thing I’ve written; I’m proud of it, despite its flaws. this is unusual for me. it took me a year and a half, and I’m relieved and sad and excited to be done. it has definitely been my most emotional book to write so far.

-crazy friendships I didn’t expect: you may be reading this, and you may know who you are- people I knew a little, who have come to mean a lot to me over the past year, people I didn’t know at all yet, people I have never met face-to-face but who have made this year worth it.  I love you all.

-travel: to be honest, travel always makes my year. when people ask me what my hopes and dreams for the future are, I have my answer ready these days: all I is want to travel the world, write books, glorify God and love strangers, with a true love and a family in there as well. literally, that’s what I want from life, and the time I spent roaming the country (and visiting Canada on my own) this year has been some of the best- visiting friends, visiting places, visiting events. it’s been phenomenal.

-CULTURE! seeing Les Mis twice (American tour, Canadian cast), a Ramin Karimloo concert in Boston, Red Sox game, Newsies and Cinderella on Broadway, surprise Afie Boe concert in D.C., a 1960s party, Shakespeare in the Boston Commons, a Matt Nathanson/Joshua Radin concert at the House of Blues…I feel so enriched and in love with life. just give me a seat in front of a stage and I’m happy.

-Matt Smith is gone. this is not a positive aspect of 2013, but it is monumental. I won’t burden you with my frustrations with his last episode, or my other issues/heartbreak. I do very much miss Amy & Rory. (we *did* have the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and while I wasn’t 100% impressed, it was terribly exciting.) to sum up, this is what I felt/am feeling:tumblr_inline_mw359v1Mm61rhvd1v

-2013 was my first year not a part of TeenPact. to be honest, that’s hard. I wish there was a way I could have always been involved. but God has been so gracious to me in helping me handle “growing up”. I’m excited to be taking new steps in my life.

-I’ve had some really rough, stressful, depressing, and upsetting patches in the year, and I’ve been incredibly touched by the people who reached out to me. I am so grateful to all of you for caring about me, and not accepting “I’m fine” when I told you that.  thank you with all my heart for Jon McLaughlin - Holding My Breath signedseeing through me, sitting me down, and making me cry to you. I’m not good at the whole “being-vulnerable” thing. I like to think I can save the day or do a darn good job at faking it by myself.

-a few last things that made the year great: CATCHING FIRE CAME OUT. I started watching Supernatural. I went to Ikea for the first time. I registered for my first class with Harvard Extension, which is as close to all my dreams coming true (#nerdwholovesschool) as I’ve ever come. thanks to Jesus, I was able to restore a friendship that was was physically paining my heart and is now beautiful again. Jon McLaughin’s new album came out. I finally bought combat boots. I met a few of my real-life heroes.  I went Enjolrasing for the first time. and I found the love of my life aka Michael Vaughn on Alias.


and I finished out the year with my sister and a dear friend watching the fireworks at the Boston Harbor. it was magical. and freezing.


I promise I’m just about finished, but I want to list, online, publicly, what I have resolved for the new year.

-I will seek God’s voice and *actually listen*.

-I will practice self-control, in all areas.

-I will stop apologizing so much. it’s my worst habit.

-I will at least attempt to be published- something, somehow, somewhere.

-I will read good books; I have a tendency to stop reading when I write, and vice versa. I want to conquer that.

-possibly get a tattoo – nobody kill me, please. I’ve wanted one for a while. I’m just not certain yet, though I know what I want.

-finish another novel (either ‘Check’ or ‘Across the Lake’, I think).

-do a cartwheel. I’ve never done one; this year I’m going to learn.


what are your resolutions, victories, regrets? tell me while you listen to this song, about the last night of the year. it’s my favorite.





  • Lydia! (Argh, some people are so good at writing blog posts. *jealousy*) I don’t think I’ve been over here to comment yet, so here I am 🙂

    Happy new year, and may it be a good one 😀 congrats on Finding You as well, yay! (And ooh, finishing Check or Across the Lake? Yes please :3)

    – much (non-creepy) love from Starflower

  • Darling! Thanks for the comment! Much (non-creepy) love to you in return and happy new year!! Anything exciting on the horizon for you this year specifically? And thanks! I’m actually doing a bit of work on Check at this moment…. 😉

  • Kim

    This is an awesome post! My goal for every new year is to do better at keeping up with blogging (reading and writing them), so getting my blogs in order and seeing that you’ve written a new post is awesome.

    Wooooah, you’ve done so many great things in 2013! I’d say I’m a tad jealous that you got to see so many plays and concerts, but I did get to go to a few myself (I need to remember that 2013 was a lot longer than I remember, haha!). And YAY for Ikea. It’s one of my favorite places to wander… and it feels a bit like a theme park. Honestly.

    I’m still on Season 7, Part 2 of Doctor Who, so as usual, I’m really behind. But it’s good to read your thoughts on it so that I’m prepared when I finally catch up! It’s going to be weird with no Matt Smith, but I suppose every doctor must leave us at some point ;_;

    And HOO-RAH to all your writing accomplishments! I can’t wait to catch with Finding You on Figment, as well as see what you do with either Check or Accross the Lake. It’s going to be so exciting 🙂

  • Bri

    This is amazing. I’m so glad you had so many highlights this year. The dream of getting published is my dream too. I suggest you check out some literary magazine: White Ash Literary, roseredreview.org/ , cabinetdesfees.com ,hogglepot.com , etc. Look for journals that reflect your main interests…I can help you find more etc. My goals are to read more books//try new things based on the books, to dream, to be better with relationships, and a branch off of that–get a book published.

  • Autumn Rasmussen

    I love it! What a rich and wonderful life you have, how lucky am I to be involved in a few moments of it? You are a beautiful person. =)

    Btw, I can teach you a cartwheel! =)

  • Kim- Haha well we can help each other- when you post, it reminds me to check and update my blog. 😉 Good goal! I totally feel like this year was soooo much longer than one year! The things I did last spring feel like they were two years ago. Gosh. I JUST SAW THAT YOU WERE AT IKEA TODAY! haha *cyber-high-five* It *does* feel like a theme park. I want my own place just so I can furnish it with Ikea.
    *sigh* Unfortunately you’re right about The Doctor. He had to leave, of course; I could have borne it better if his send-off was fantastic. Oh well.
    Thanks for your faith in me!! I’m so excited for your writing this coming year! I can’t wait to see what you put out!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely look into them! I know a few mags that I’d like to maybe submit to, but not many. Thanks so much! Those are great goals, too! What are you doing to work toward them?

    Thanks!! I know, I have a really blessed life. Aww thank you, my dear! I am so grateful that you were a part of my year- and part of such a highlight at that! YES!! Please teach me a cartwheel! haha I’m so pathetic. I have no coordination and no reckless abandon. 😉