introducing….Des & company

It’s kinda awkward when you have a crush on one of your own characters.

It is not, however, infrequent among writers, I’ve surmised.  And this is certainly not the first time it has happened to me.

Des (Despard) Morrisay is my most recent “crush”, though that sounds mind-blowingly vain and conceited and arrogant, since I did think him up, after all.  But….he’s kind of adorable.  Trust me, whether or not it works out on the page, he’s basically perfect in my mind.  In an entirely different way than Tam is perfect.  Because…*River Song voice*…”Spoilers!” sadly, most of this book is about Isla learning to be strong without Tam, so there isn’t as much character development as I’d like for him.

Oh! Before I forget, Finding You is on Pinterest! Check out the board I’ve created here (I’ll be adding to it fairly often)!

But anyway.  I mentioned when I first announced Finding You in this post that I had a cast of supporting characters that I was excited about, and now you’ve met some of them- so here they are.

Des, my personal favorite, is imagined quite a bit after Dominic Cooper in appearance, with a bit of Peter Pan’s personality thrown in (my impression of Peter Pan from reading it as an 11-year-old, when I fell in love with him).  I haven’t honestly seen Dominic Cooper in many movies (for Sense and Sensibility I prefer Greg Wise as Wickham) but there’s something about him in Mamma Mia! that I really love.  My impression of his personality showing through in the role definitely impacted the character in my mind who later became Des.  Here are a couple of images to give you an idea.


Quite the charmer, huh?  I think so.

I’ve also been introducing y’all to the other girls in the cell, one-by-one.  Here are two of them, who play larger parts than the others:


The first is how I imagine Valentina looking- I don’t know who the picture is off, but the second I saw it I knew who Valentina was. She’s a bit more upfront of a character than some of the cast- at least, I think she’s a little more open.  You can tell who she is right off by what she does in a crisis situation, how she tries to be strong/put others first, etc.  At least I hope that’s obvious.  Even still she surprises me at times.  I hadn’t planned the bit about her brother getting shot until I was writing it and thought, “Of course she had a little brother.”

The second image is Abbie Cornish, in Sucker Punch.  That movie….oh man, it rocked my world.  I watch it whenever I can get my hands on it, and blast the soundtrack like nobody’s business.  It’s…oh man. I don’t even know. It’s epic.  One of my favorite movies ever, and the opening scene is by far the greatest opening scene in the history of film.  Anyway.  The character of Sweetpea, played by Abbie Cornish, is strong-willed and kinda kick-*ahem*-butt, but aside from appearance, that’s where the similarities end.  Sweetpea is protective and, when it comes to her sister, selfless.  She’s also not one to take risks that have little-to-no chance of paying out.  My Phoebe is very different, as I hope I’ll be able to portray.  Escape, and not the people around her, is what she cares about.  She also dresses a little differently. 😉

I’m nearly ready to introduce y’all to Oliver, who I am super excited about, and Josiah Boyne, who is also….um, exciting.  He’s a character at least.  Though I’ve already let you briefly meet Zachariah Curram, I’m holding off from giving you my thoughts on him, and any pictures for the time being because I want his character to speak for itself.  There’s a scene with him coming up that I am really excited about writing.  I’ll post a second wave of character introductions a little later. 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Comment and let me know what you think of the way I’ve imagined the characters, and let me know how your imagination differs!




  • There is no shame in having a crush on a character. No shame at all. I have a crush on *cough* Kit from Flyboy. Oh, and Slate Fletcher in Den of Thieves because he’s just awesome. If I do say so myself. 😉

    This is amazing, though! I really love it! I keep trying to find pictures for my own characters, but I never can find the exact fits… It’s annoying.

    But I love this. And I love Des. I have a crush on him as well.

  • Haha well thanks for making me feel better. 😀 It took me a while to be able to easily find who I pictures my characters as. Some of them (like the jailer, Dunbar) I have a perfectly clear image in my mind, but it’s from my imagination, and not a real person. It’s so much fun trying to figure it out though. 😀 And I’m glad you like Des. 😉

  • Hey Lydia. It’s nothing shameful to have a crush on one of your own characters–in fact, I’m the one who should be shamed! I created one of my characters (I won’t say who, because that would be awkward) in the image of who is the perfect guy for me, at least personality-wise. So let’s just say I have a huge crush on him, for obvious reasons. o.O

  • Haha okay, so I admit that I modeled Leopold (“Esmeralda”) jusssst a little after my “ideal guy” and all that jazz. 😉 He’s kind of my favorite character I’ve ever written. As in, I would marry him in a heartbeat. Buuuut….Des may give him a run for his money. 😉

    Now I’m gonna try to figure out who you’re talking about….hmm. I need to read everything of yours, seriously.

  • Naomi

    It’s so enjoyable to watch you have fun with your characters, Lydia! I have yet to write a character that I have a crush on (wait, maybe I’m wrong) but I’m sure it’ll happen to me plenty. It’s great to be surrounded by all you great writers, especially since I’m pretty much just starting out. 🙂

  • Shylock

    No way. I love Suckerpunch! Sadly, I’ve never been able to watch the entire movie all the way through… only bits and pieces of it… never got around to seeing the whole thing… *grumble grumble* But the soundtrack really is awesome. ^_^ Great character picks! You described them to match these actors perfectly. :^D

  • Haha don’t worry, Naomi, you won’t escape for long- that perfect character will pop up in one of your stories and you’ll be fatefully smitten. 😀

    And Shylock- Sucker Punch is soooo amazing!! Besides being very adult in the subject, it’s completely appropriate, too as far as I remember- nothing to worry about, depending on how strict you are about movie material. 😀 And yes!! The soundtrack is incredible, mostly because I love that Emily Browning (the main character) does most of the singing for it. 😀

    Thanks for commenting, my friends! 🙂

  • GRAHHHHH I am already falling for Des (and no, I did not just spoil the story for myself; I am officially all caught up!). Dominic Cooper is EXACTLY the way I picture him. You are so good at portraying exactly what you want the reader to see. And Phoebe and Valentina? Spot-on. I totally love the contrast between them… Valentina is soft and vulnerable, and Phoebe is fierce and hardened and do-not-mess-with-me-or-i-kill-you (that IS an adjective!), and it really comes across in those pictures. I think sometimes it works almost better to use pictures of people/models you don’t know, because then you have their faces but you can create them to be exactly who you want them to be; whereas when using well-known actors, etc., you will always have that mental image of their speech patterns and their cinematic or real life personality in the back of your mind while you write the character. But both work. It’s just a matter of preference, and circumstance. 🙂 Anyway, I love this, and I love “Finding You,” in case you couldn’t tell.

  • 😀 I’m grinning my face off right now.

    Haha do you know how good it feels that you love my writing? We play a sort of compliment ping-pong but I am in love with your thrilling, funny, romantic, SMART/BRILLIANT/INTRICATE, heart-wrenching writing style. So your praise is like Shannon Hale’s would be to me. 🙂 Thanks dear. And yes, that is an adjective. Duh.

    Oh! And I’m super glad I conveyed Des correctly! I really wanted to, but I know I haven’t described him in detail yet, so… ya know.

  • I am amazed at how well you paint pictures with your words so that when I see how you imagine your characters it matches almost to the tee what I see in my mind. You are brilliant. Nuff said.
    Oh and your crazy awesome writings are hilariously cute.

  • Aww thanks Alina! I’m super glad what I see and what you see lines up. I’ve still gotta put an actual description of Des in there somewhere, tactfully. We’ll see how that goes. 😉