irony, suicide, and lots of new experiences

I’m afraid I didn’t realize until after I had pressed “publish” that I was debutingCheck Cover a story about a girl deciding to commit suicide on “Self-Injury Awareness Day” itself. The (sad) irony of the fact did not occur to me until I was lying in bed later and then I wasn’t sure if I should be glad of the coincidence or sorry for it.

But there you have it, I’ve begun posting a new novel! You may have noticed the slew of updates on Figment, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and maybe you’ve even checked it out. I’ve had this story stewing in my brain for…a year and a half maybe? It’s been a little while.  But I’m finally really giving it a go, and posting it publicly so I’ll be accountable not to let it fail. 😉

I’m also a little nervous about writing this story, for one major reason: it’s a completely new venture.  I haven’t written a book that a) is in third-person present-tense (ever), b) alternates between two viewpoints (ever), or c) is set in a modern, real-world place (with any success).  So there’s lots of newness going on.  But I’m excited.

CarouselBesides, Stella is a mystery to me. I don’t really know as much about her as I would like.  And I’m figuring Cal out as well.

So here’s The Plan!  I’m going to update Check. every other day, and the other every-other days I’m going to update Finding You! Sound good? I hope so. 😉 Basically there will be some sort of update every day. 🙂

Hopefully “Check” will make an enjoyable read for y’all- please know that you can always tell me a brutally honest opinion on it.  It’s a first draft, of course, so there are going to be problems. 😉



  • Tiffany (J.A.)

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited to continue reading this story!! I read the first two chapters during school (break time), and I was really intrigued. I can’t wait to read more! I applaud you for being so daring, writing this new project that has multiple major aspects like none other you’ve ever written before 😀

  • Thanks Tiff!! *takes breath* Yeah…it sure is new. But I’m excited.

  • I am reading Esmeralda and Finding You, but this sounds so different it is making me curious I Do Like Drama 🙂 You have really inspired me to write with passion and I mentioned that on my blog Thank you for sharing your lovely stories and for putting so much effort into them, you inspired me to stick with my ideas and flesh them out. Thank you!

  • Oh my word, you are so sweet! You’ve just made my day! I love drama myself, in writing at least. 😉 I’m excited to see where this takes me!! I’ll check out your blog, too! Thanks!

  • Elli

    So. About the updating every other day thing? Should we still be holding you accountable to that or is life so busy you physically cannot find time to update, or how does that work? (Although you did finish Finding You, so I can’t complain too much!)
    Hope life gives you time to chill and enjoy everything instead of dashing to and fro!

  • Haha well I wish that had continued! I hate growing up, if only because writing isn’t allowed to be my top priority! 🙁 Haha thanks though- I’ve been brainstorming Check a bit and hope to get back to it soon. At the moment I’m editing Finding You and working on Treachery and a new short story! 🙂 Thanks Elli! 😀