So.  Leopold.  I think he has even surpassed Aidan, which I never expected, as Aidan was the hero in my first completed novel, and you usually can’t top that.  But Leopold is coming along fairly nicely as well, I have to say.  At least, I like him, and so, it seems, do my readers.

I have actually had a fairly clear vision of what my current leading man looks like from the beginning.  One of my favorite movies is The Count of Monte Cristo (2002); I just don’t really like the old one very much.  The character Albert was one of particular annoyance to me until the scene where he gets kindnapped (then he gained a little respect from me), mostly because…well, he was a fop.  And kinda weird.  And his cravat was too tight.  But anyway…guess what?  He grew up.  And to my surprise, he did so in a very attractive fashion.  So ever since I saw a picture of the new and improved Henry Cavill (known better now for movies like Immortals), I was fixed on him as a character- I just didn’t have a story for him yet.  Esmeralda, and the character of Leopold, supplied that.


So what do you think?  I like the first picture best; I think the expression is better.  Isn’t he good for Leopold?

  • Jane

    I really like him as Leo. You said when you described him in the story that his hair was kind of in his eyes, but I think this guy is good for his character, even if the hair is a little different.

  • Yeah, I know I mentioned about his hair being in his eyes, but that was mostly for the scene where I thought it fit…I don’t know, I think I’m more inclined to stick with this view of Leopold than what I described, even if I have to alter my writing a bit. I think Henry Cavill is perfect for him. 🙂 Thanks for the comments!

  • YES!! I’ve always thought that Henry Cavill is quite the looker. This is almost EXACTLY how I picture Leopold though… I can even hear his voice drifting through the cell wall to Evy. It’s so perfect. And I like the first picture better, as well… something about his eyes—prepare yourself, I’m gonna get dramatic up in here—that reveals an inherently kind, good, selfless character. GREAT choice. 🙂

  • Great! I am so glad that my description or similar imaginations or whatever has set him as a good Leopold. I know, it’s his eyes that got me too! They’re gorgeous, and yes, haha they make him look like he is good through and through.

  • Alina Maira

    PERFECT! Every since you showed me this picture of him a while back I’ve been able to clearly picture him and the more I think of it the more he’s what I would picture. I like the first image better too! Just fabulous

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