*pretentious author voice*


I’ve been interviewed! A fellow author-in-progress, Reagan, who I had the pleasure of meeting on Figment and discovering many similarities with, featured an “interview” with me about “Finding You” on her blog! Check it out- and her blog / figment page! It’s great!

Read the interview HERE.

And check her out on Figment here– her progressing steampunk novel “Flyboys” is my favorite thing of hers so far *hint, hint*.

And as always, I’d love comments / criticism (/ praise?) on either Esmeralda or Finding You!



  • Tiffany (J.A.)

    Hey Lydia! This was really interesting – I loved the post (especially with your messages to the authors!)

  • Oh I’m glad you could read it, Tiffany! I wasn’t sure if you could load a blogspot page, so I trying to figure that out. 🙂