{New story I’ve begun that I’m contemplating  posting.}

So there’s this girl named Rosamond, right?  And she lives in a kingdom at war with another- her father is an advisor of the king’s and she is no stranger to the strife and anger that plague the political climate.  Since she was very little she has known that one day she would marry the prince of the kingdom her own was at war with, in hopes that her vast dowry and her father’s political standing would help to bring peace to the lands.

Or at least that’s what’s commonly circulated.

Unbeknownst to her mother, Roe and her father have greater things in mind.  For almost two decades, as long as she can remember, Roe has led a double life: in the mornings her governesses try to instill lady-like qualities, and in the afternoon her best friend and trainer teach her combat and survival skills: archery, melee, hunting, and riding.  As the future wife of their enemy’s crown prince, Roe volunteers to act as her king’s spy now that peace seems unlikely.

So when the announcement is made for her advantageous betrothal and the messenger arrives with the first letter of courtship, Roe is as cool as can be.  She thinks she has everything under control.  She has practiced feigning emotions and lady-like behavior all her life, and she’s ready to play the part.  What she didn’t figure on was how difficult pretending would be when the possibility becomes very real that she is falling love, not with the prince she’s betrothed to, but with his messenger…who might have a few secrets of his own.


So yeah…I know I start new stories all the time but trust me, you don’t even hear about most of them.  Let me know if you actually eve think this sounds remotely interesting.

There’s a preview HERE.

    With love,
    ~your greedy reader.

  • Haha oh my gosh I love you. Well alright then. I may have written four new pages today…..

  • Yes! I love this concept! You should definitely write more!

  • Thanks Reagan!! I am writing out the plot line now. 😉 *fingers crossed*

  • Kim

    Yessssss, write more! I read the preview and I think it’s the start of an amazing story. I love that from the premise already, it seems like there’s going to be a lot of twists. And falling in love with the messenger? Ooooh *is intrigued*

  • Thanks Kim! I just got your comment and it made my day. 🙂 You’re so encouraging! 🙂

  • Girl, the way you write is breathtaking even if it’s only a synopses. You totally drew me in. I love the idea of arranged marriages and strong female protagonists set in a time when they were rare or even nonexistent. Well done. Now, I tried to read the preview on my iPhone, but figment doesn’t work on it, but I will ASAP. I love the name Rosemond by the way. I can’t wait to see what you do with this story!!

  • Aww, thanks! You really make me smile, my dear. <3 And haha I hope I do the name Rosamond justice- I love it too, ever since Rosamond Pike played Jane Bennett. 😉 My Rosamond is going to go by Roe, though. 🙂

  • S.R.Knox

    Oh YES! This is even MORE than just remotely interesting! Write it! Yes, yes, please do! *goes off to read the preview*

  • Aww thank you!! Let me know what you think, as I’ll be posting another chapter shortly!! 🙂