proxy – characters pt. one

So guess what? I just added a chapter to Proxy!!  I’m sure you’ve all been holding your breath.  Yep. It’s taken me long enough, but there you have it, chapter two.  So I thought I’d introduce you to a few of the characters (I can’t include my favorite yet as he hasn’t shown up in the story yet…grrr) :

Firstly, there’s Roe.  That’s obvious.

I don’t have her completely pegged yet, but I have a kind of wispy idea of her in my head.  Since in the three years I took trying to write this story and failing over and over again I was spurred on to write this draft by watching the movie Hanna, I identify Roe a little bit with Saoirse Ronan- I’m a big fan, even though I don’t find her all that pretty. Perhaps that’s why- she fits with the idea I have of Roe, but more in mien and personality than looks.

I kinda like it.  But watch Hanna and you’ll get a better idea, aside from the light hair.

Other random pictures that inspire me:

I love this last one even though there’s not a masquerade (that I’ve planned, at least) in Proxy.

And then as far as Jude goes:

This may be the only attractive picture ever of Liam Hemsworth (and I’ve yet to find one of his brother), in my opinion.  I cannot bring myself to join the “Liam-Hemsworth-Is-So-Hot” bandwagon. I just don’t see it. Plus he kinda annoys me. Aside from being Australian, I don’t personally think he has anything going for him.  Especially since he played Gale…but I swear that’s beside the point.  Howevvvverrrr…he’s exactly as I picture Jude from the second I thought of his character.  So there you have it.


(I have actually written over 60 pages, but I haven’t yet typed them into my computer.  Old-fashioned, I know.)

  • Roe is perfect! I liked Hanna, I saw it at a pre-screening at my university (oh the perks of having friends in the USC School of Cinematic Arts), and I think Saoirse Ronan is very talented. And oddly enough, that is EXACTLY how I pictured Roe while I was reading! Jude I’m less enthusiastic about—I pictured him older for some reason—but I can accomodate my vision. 🙂 But I gotta say, find Liam Hemsworth just as unattractive as you seem to. Haha great minds, I tell ya.

  • Dude, you saw a pre-screening of Hanna? Now I’m super jealous. Perks indeed. And you pictured Roe like her? Yay!!! And I didn’t even describe her really! Haha that makes me happy. 🙂 Haha oh yes, great minds indeed. I just don’t get it…I don’t know. And he’s not really a very good actor, either. At least I don’t think so. And two more reasons to dislike him a bit? He is with Miley Cyrus and played Gale. 😉