the messenger

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve officially introduced my favorite and also most hated character into Proxy: The Messenger.

In my head he’s the greatest thing to hit planet “whatever-planet/world-my-book-takes-place-on”, but unfortunately my execution so far has been less than brilliant.  To put it bluntly, I’ve written 85 pages of Proxy and I can hardly stand the guy, even though I love him! And wrote him to be quite the character! And as far as working through his relationship with Roe (who I am siding with at  the moment because she’s at least being true to who I told her to be) to get to the point where there’s some chemistry between them?  Yep, not happening.  He goes between seeming like a jerk, to being cryptic, to being flat-out impossible to understand.  And I swear, he hasn’t listened to a word I’ve written about him! It’s completely driving me nuts.

However, if it’s any consolation, he’s rather gorgeous.

I wrote this story years ago about this girl who was going to have an arranged marriage, then this guy comes to her family’s home in the middle of a storm, stays a bit with them, they fall in love, and then her fiancé arrives and the cool guy has to leave, because it’s awkward and painful to both of them, and then the girl runs away, and then there’s a search on for her, and Cool Guy volunteers to help (because he wuvs her) she does too (in the guise of a boy) because she wants to be close to him, and there’s confusion and all the clichés you can imagine and he eventually realizes who she is and BAM. They decide to run away together. And I never really wrote the ending or decided what the conclusion would be.  You probably don’t care a hoot for any of that. Anyway….I based Cool Guy’s appearance on Jude Law.

Why? You ask.  Just kidding, you didn’t ask, because it’s obvious.  It’s Jude Law.

But when I trashed that story I kinda wanted a place for the overly attractive and thoroughly British Mr. Law among my writings.  And hello! Here he is: The Messenger.


So there you have it.  I wanted to rant about how troublesome he is for me to anyone out there, and you, my dear blog (and possible readers), seemed like the best option.  But now I’ve got to get back to work on writing him.  And eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes to sooth my irritation.  And listening to the overly-epic Master and Commander soundtrack.

Also…new chapter!!

  • LOL “Because he wuvs her.” haha This is great. And Jude Law…perfect. I just read the newest chapter. Bravo!! I can’t wait for more!

  • Haha 😀 I’m glad you like it! At that point in the story, Calder was doing most of what I told him. Just wait ’til later…it’s BAD. No. STUPID. CHEMISTRY. Grrr.

  • Jane

    Jude Law is perfect!! I can’t wait to see him develop as a character, especially with that image in my head. I love the name Calder too.

    Hang in there! He’ll come around! 🙂

  • Haha hopefully. And yes. Jude Law is kind of the bomb. 😉

  • Haha! This made me laugh! I love how you don’t take yourself too seriously. 😉

  • Haha thanks! Yeah…sometimes too seriously, but mostly I tear my hair out and then laugh at myself. 😉

  • Tiffany (J.A.)

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know why, but I find I keep visiting your blog and re-reading your posts – especially this one! And you know what makes me totally creepy/random at the same time? I think over this one line over and over again and I just *have* to go and read the exact words you used. Here it is:

    “Why? You ask. Just kidding, you didn’t ask, because it’s obvious. It’s *Jude Law*.”

    Ah, how I love that line.

  • Haha naww doesn’t make you creepy. I like when people stalk my blog. 😀 And haha I’m glad you like that line. I thought it was rather amusing myself- does that make me terribly vain?

  • Tiffany (J.A.)

    Lol, nope! We people never admit it, but we’re obsessed with flattery 😀