writing – complete

a sampling of my completed projects: (i.e. “yay I finished something!”)


Finding You – shy, bookish Isla has always relied on the boy she loves to stand up for her and be her strength, until the day she’s suddenly taken by traffickers and thrown into a world of chaos and darkness. with only her fellow captives and the quiet strength she’s discovering inside herself to aid her in escape, Isla determines not only to free her friends but to put an end to the greater evil she has witnessed, and make her way back at the end of it all to the boy she loves.  available September 19th, 2017!

Treachery (previously called “Betrayal”) – a young woman is caught up in the dangerous world of espionage when she joins the plot to reinstate her exiled queen, all the while struggling with love and trust in the face of deception and betrayal. [read the first few chapters here!]

Esmeraldawrongful imprisonment, heroic escape, true love, not-so-true love, betrayal, assassins, masquerades, pistols, clock-chimes, and stories.  [you can read a draft of it here!]

Siren Song – a short story told in an experimental style, about depression, and love lost and found, and heavy hearts, and sacrifice.  [you can read it here!]