writing – current

a sampling of current projects: (i.e. ugh things I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet)


Check – a story about the toll that wishing takes, about love, about stories and pictures, about miracles, about suicide, about human hearts.  experimental.  [you can read a piece of it here!]

Across the Lake – a story about a girl with too much on her shoulders, about abuse, responsibility, envy, and things that are not as they seem. set in the area where I grew up. may or may not include people I know.  [you can read a portion of it here!]

Three Hearts – a strange, unusual story for me, told in scraps and images.  pieces of it are here on figment.  I’m not really sure what will happen with it, how I’ll take the beautiful, rich story inside me that’s so visual and told in little strings of words and make into something that resembles a novel, when it’s more of a movie or ballet in my head.